Radio Buttons


Radio buttons allow a user to select one item from a short list of two to four options. For single selection of five or more options, use a dropdown or select list instead.

For a single option, use a switch instead. For small screen applications avoid radio buttons and use a button group or custom select list instead.

Avoid nesting radio buttons.

Common Characteristics

All radio buttons allow the user to tap the radio button or its associated label. The label is vertically centered with the radio button even when the text wraps. Radio buttons should normally be active and unchecked by default.

Radio buttons have these states: active unchecked, or hover/tap, or checked; and disabled unchecked, or checked.



When necessary to use a horizontal layout, ensure there is at least 32px space between each radio button/label element.


Filter Counts

When using radio buttons as filters with counts, right align the counts.