What’s New
September 13, 2021
Release 1.16.0
General Notes
  • Colors: Add additional grays to default PRISM theme (#486)
  • Move spin-keyframes into a Sass mixin (#444)
  • Dropdown: Fix long text lines by adding ellipsis instead of wrapping (#583)
  • Switch: Fix disabled state (#719)
  • Indicators: Add default background color to light indicators (#451)
  • Inputs:
    • Allow for text counter to be disabled in text areas (#434)
    • Add support for input groups (#538)
    • Fix double eye icon in Edge browser password inputs (#705)
  • Slider: Fix inverted (min) sliders (#693)
  • Chips: Add transparent variant (#704)
  • Tabs:
    • Refactor and improve performance (#470)
    • Deprecate isDisabled in favor of disabled (#804)
  • Interstitial: Improve default interstitial delay (now 250ms) (690)
  • DatePicker: Fix issue where onChange handles clearing field correctly (#789)
  • Messages: Change default font size (#759)
  • Modal: Hide scrollbars when not needed in Windows browsers (#795)
  • Adaptive Select: Refactor logic (#798)
  • Rewrite tests with RTL for:
  • Refactor styles for:
  • Documentation updates and fixes

August 26, 2021
Release 1.15.0
General Notes
  • Checkbox: Update states to match design spec (#607)
  • Accordion: Fix heading from all caps to capitalized casing (#664)
  • Modals:
    • Use correct heading for modal titles in examples page. Add more examples (#487)
    • Fix padding for headers at 480px breakpoint (292)
  • Dropdown:
    • Update selected option to match design spec (#517)
    • Fix error state display and examples documentation (#773)
  • Icons: Add new glyphs for triangle icons and make old glyphs small variation
  • Chips: Fix icon mis-alignment and update usage documentation (#696)
  • Progress Stepper: Updates to align with revised design spec (#673)
  • DatePicker: Prevent change month clicks from submitting wrapping form (#775)
  • Refactor styles for:

July 30, 2021
Release 1.14.1
General Notes
  • Fixed versions for all internal PRISM dependencies

July 29, 2021
Release 1.14.0
General Notes
  • Introducing versioned PRISM sandbox following this format COMPONENT.sandbox.x-y-z.css
  • Icons: Add dos and don'ts instructions for icon usage (#485)
  • Accordion: Fix chevron alignment and text casing (#663)
  • MultimediaViewer: Update to v1.5 of Fyusion API (#728)
  • Refactor styles for:
    • Anchors
    • Inputs

July 20, 2021
Release 1.13.0
General Notes
  • DatePicker:
    • Prevent icon clicks from submitting forms
    • Null check added to prevent Cannot read property 'setFocus' of null error
  • MultimediaViewer:
    • Add more specific keys to improve rendering performance
    • Fixed new assets to load into viewer
    • Fixed empty assets to load viewer
  • Refactor styles for:
    • Icons
    • Dropdown

June 24, 2021
Release 1.12.0
General Notes

May 28, 2021
Release 1.11.0
General Notes
  • Introducing a new component: Interstitial
  • MultimediaViewer Fixes and Enhancements:
    • Zoom Controls refactor to address occasional malfunction (#612)
    • New option to display filters on left hand side (#669)
    • New prop (showFullScreenControls) added to allow hiding of Full Screen CTA (#676)
  • Add DataTable sort functions (#670)
  • Refactor styles for:
  • Site build fixes

May 14, 2021
Release 1.10.0
General Notes
  • Fix #488 - Autocomplete correct sorting algorithm
  • Fix #531 - Input allows autoFocus to be passed to the input element
  • Fix #375 - Button now has disabled state to actionLink variation
  • Fix #613 - Extended DataTable export with PageSize
  • Fix #605 - Moves package based on the name in the package.json
  • Fix #614 - Refactor Avatar styles
  • Fix #457 - MultimediaViewer filmstrip arrows in correct position
  • Fix #660 - MultimediaViewer now handles audio type correctly when using fyusion ID as data source
  • Fix #653 - Style updates to avoid select element overrides
  • Fix #616 - User is now able to change date and time through code in DataPicker
  • Fix #948 & #523 - Documentation Updates
  • Site build updates

April 23, 2021
Release 1.9.1
General Notes
  • Fix defect impacting bundles on Artifactory.

April 16, 2021
Release 1.9.0
General Notes
  • Introducing new components: DatePicker and TimePicker
  • Fix #386 - Input allow custom ID to be passed to the underlying Input element
  • Fix #512 - Input update PhoneInput component and documentation
  • Fix #511 - Button add/update styles to display disabled properly
  • Fix #601 - MultimediaViewer adds a new category Features. No longer displays a "Video" or a "360" category ONLY when reading directly from Fyusion endpoint.
  • Fix #363 - Accordion update styles for the accordion trigger
  • Fix #521 - Chips correct outline for light chips to only show when actionable
  • Fix #590 - Inputs corrects the Manheim theme's success color value
  • Fix #590 - ButtonGroups improve documentation

March 23, 2021
Release 1.8.0
General Notes
  • New bundle construction; drastic reduction in package sizes
  • Fix #505 - Dropdown onChange callback no fired
  • Fix #508 - DataTable headers needs ability to add custom classes
  • Fix #518 - DataTable unintended striping when using .table-striped
  • Updates to Github templates

March 1, 2021
Release 1.7.0
General Notes
  • Introducing a new component DataTable
  • SlideOut Fixes
  • New icons: thumbs-up, thumbs-down, arrows-up-down
  • Improved alignment with Bootstrap CSS and Sass patterns
  • Bug fixes and improvements

February 12, 2021
Release 1.6.4
General Notes
  • New custom label for the Indicator Flags
  • Fix Audio issue in iOS in the MultimediaViewer
  • Integrate more closely to Bootstrap (Initial steps in a larger effort)

January 8, 2021
Release 1.6.3
General Notes
  • Icons camcorder added
  • Use correct arrow (light chevrons) icon for components introduced in v1.6.0
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

December 17, 2020
Release 1.6.2
  • Solves issue introduced in v1.6.1 with ua-parser-js
  • Use correct link for SingleSort in What's New page

December 11, 2020
Release 1.6.1
Fixes and Improvements

November 20, 2020
Release 1.6.0
General Notes
  • Icon arrow icons have been updated
  • .arrow-[direction] now have stems
  • former .arrow-[direction] have moved to .chevron-[direction]-light

October 16, 2020
Release 1.5.1
Fixes and Improvements
  • Input update styling to specifications
  • Slider update styling to specifications
  • Multimedia Viewer Updates:
    • fullscreen button location
    • remove button div wrapper
    • description to optionally use Markdown

July 21, 2020
Release 1.5.0
Introducing the following new components

June 16, 2020
Release 1.4.0
General Notes
  • New site update with performance updates and increased browser support.

May 29, 2020
Release 1.3.15
General Notes
  • Babel env update to increase browser support.

May 4, 2020
Release 1.3.14
General Notes
  • Icons bolt and arrow-left-right added.

  • Accordion improved stability via tests.

  • Button improved stability via tests.

  • Input fixed phone input.

April 3, 2020
Release 1.3.13
General Notes
  • Checkboxes remove sibling element used for styling purposes and style checkbox instead. IE11 styles.

  • Chips change close icon treatment.

  • Buttons add a new variant of Button: actionLink.

  • Update README.

March 27, 2020
Release 1.3.12
General Notes
  • Pagination correctly update internal state when prop is modified.
  • Dropdown correct onChange from triggering double rendered.
  • Searchable allow list items to be updated on prop change.
  • Modal correct small screen header styles.
  • Modal correct unnecessary remounts when content updates.
  • Multimedia Viewer update dependencies to be included with the package.
  • Multimedia Viewer add onClick return value for custom Multimedia Viewer buttons.
  • Update "What's New" page content.
  • Create GitHub issue templates.

March 17, 2020
Release 1.3.11
General Notes
  • Icons pin and pin2 added.
  • Tooltip component updated to correct styles.
  • Multimedia Viewer component improved to support the grid view.
  • Tests fixed to be passing and added to deployment pipeline.

February 13, 2020
Release 1.3.10
General Notes

February 7, 2020
Release 1.3.9
General Notes
  • Slider component released.
  • Multimedia Viewer: Added logic to hide the filters if any of the optional categories - AUDIO, VIDEO, 360 has no asset.
  • Simplifying the way bootstrap scss files are being imported to allow stand-along usage.
  • Documentation updates.

January 10, 2019
Release 1.3.8
General Notes

January 10, 2019
Release 1.3.7
General Notes
  • Website updates and improvements.

January 10, 2019
Release 1.3.6
General Notes
  • Website updates and improvements.

December 23, 2019
Release 1.3.5
General Notes

December 19, 2019
Release 1.3.4
General Notes
  • Buttons aux prop added and new Auxiliary button released.

December 12, 2019
Release 1.3.3
General Notes

December 4, 2019
Release 1.3.2
General Notes
  • Searchable Search

  • The Checkbox component was converted to an uncontrolled component. It no longer manages it's own internal state. Checked can be passed as a prop, but is rendered as defaultChecked or can be listened for by passing a ref.

  • For a Controlled Checkbox, use <Checkbox.Controlled />.

  • Searchable list is now uncontrolled. List items no longer take a selected property, select them with the checked property. Data can be manipulated before it is passed to the component.

  • Added a target object to onChange callback in the checkbox (targetObj) for prev checked use cases.

November 25, 2019
Release 1.3.1
General Notes

November 22, 2019
Release 1.3.0
General Notes

November 8, 2019
Release 1.2.4
General Notes

November 1, 2019
Release 1.2.3
General Notes
  • Fix Icon Button Margin

  • Correct heading for default selection value

  • Input: Textarea value is returned in onChange callback

  • Adjusted close button in Messages

  • Added sandbox prop to Tooltip for proper sand-boxing

  • Fixed ESC key press functionality in Slideout component

  • Improved stabilization

September 24, 2019
Release 1.2.2
General Notes
  • Searchable Multi-select Sorting

  • Slideout: Fixed toggle via props

  • Input: Check min and max hit values when Input value is changed via props

  • Input.NumberInput: min and max hit checks updated

  • Button style updates

  • Site improvements

September 13, 2019
Release 1.2.1
General Notes
  • Over 50 additional icons

  • New package bundles with name and keyed sub-components

  • New organization of input and form elements

  • Several documentation pages have been updated with better functional examples.

September 10, 2019
Release 1.2.0
General Notes

A Styles Sandbox was introduced to prevent PRISM styles from bleeding outside. Simply add the CSS class name .prism-sandbox to a higher element to prevent the PRISM styles from bleeding outside of the container without using a .sandbox CSS file.

Also, the tabs component has been completely rebuilt to allow for child components. Now developers have the ability to include any child components necessary for the design within the TabPane component.

Component Notes

Several components received updates including Buttons, Button Groups, and Accordions.

In addition, A Refinements component and pattern was added which includes all of the following elements:

September 2, 2019
Release 1.1.0
General Notes

Theming has been introduced with this release. PRISM now supports our legacy Manheim User Interface (MUI) theme, as well as the PRISM theme. Future themes can support multiple CAI brands.

Also, an additional seven components have been released, bringing the total to 20.

Component Notes

Please take the time to become familiar with the usage guidelines and style specifications for each of these components.

  • Avatar in four sizes (xs, s, md, lg).
  • Button Groups in two sizes with examples for usage.
  • Interactive and non-interactive Chips for use as indicators, selectors, and filters.
  • A new, simplified Pagination.
  • Progress Stepper (see the Code page)
  • Searchable Multi-select for filtering long lists selectable options.
  • Slideout Panel for showing and hiding complex content.

June 3, 2019
Release 1.0.0
General Notes

This is the initial release of the PRISM design system. This release includes a core set of design guidelines, foundations, and components with React and HTML code.

Please familiarize yourself with PRISM's Design Guidelines as well as PRISM's colors, grid, and typography specifications.

PRISM components have been thoroughly tested. Manheim product teams are encouraged to begin using PRISM components in future updates to their products. Release of additional components are anticipated quarterly.

Component Notes

The PRISM design system includes usage guidelines and style specifications with the component code. Please become familiar with all documentation for each component.

Here is the initial set of core PRISM components: